Emailing Oshan

IMPORTANT EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS: Please read and follow ALL the instructions below or it may cause frustration for you and Oshan


To set up an account to communicate with Oshan via email, follow these instructions:
1. Go to:
2. In the blue "Inmate Search" box, for "Select State" choose: California. For "Inmate ID" enter: 14619-111 (make sure not to have any spaces before, after or inside the inmate ID)
3. On the next screen select "Oshan Cook" and complete the registration process.

Some people have had problems with finding Oshan using the above process. If it doesn't work the first time, just keep trying it and eventually it should work. Likely it is the fault of the glitchy, badly designed JPay system.


To send email to Oshan you have to buy online "stamps" from the JPay website. Each email costs 1 stamp to send.

Please do not attach reply stamps to your emails because Jpay makes it difficult to make efficient use of them.


The most fail-safe way to communicate via email with Oshan is to download the free JPay App on your smartphone. Make sure to activate the notifications.


When Oshan sends you email it goes to your JPay email inbox. If you haven't set up email notifications, you won't know that you have an email waiting there for you. Occassionally even the email notifications don't work, so try to check your account periodically.

After you have registered on
1. Log in to
2. On the right, click on "My Account."
3. On the left, click on "Email Preferences"
4. Select "New Email Notifications" and then click "Update."


Many email providers will automatically filter your JPay notifications into your spam folder. To prevent this, you can add this email address to your list of email contacts:


Just in case the email notifications aren't working, make sure to log in to JPay a week after you send your first email to him to see if he sent you a response. Feel free to email Oshan if you don't see a response for a while, to make sure your email was not lost.


People have frequently thought that they sent an email but later realized that it wasn't sent. To prevent this from happening, make sure you click "Send" and then after that make sure you click "Continue." If you don't click both of these, the email won't send.


You can attach images to your emails, for the cost of 1 "stamp" per image:
1. On the email composition screen, click "Image."
2. Choose the image you want to send.
3. Click "Attach."
4. Then click "Continue."