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Oshan is serving his 12.5 year sentence at Sheridan Correctional Camp and is an entrepreneur and lifelong social justice activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oshan was the sole owner of Om Shan Tea, a well known tea company that he founded in May, 2008.

Om Shan Tea had a teahouse/restaurant in San Francisco where gourmet tea service, organic foods, and cultural events were offered to inspire healing, conscious community and holistic wellness.
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The teahouse became central to the bay area performing arts community, and his weekly poetry, bellydance and world music nights have hosted world-renowned poets, dancers and musicians. The teahouse also hosted numerous spiritual events including buddhist teachers Namkha Rinpoche & Lama Troma Rinpoche, Ecuadorian Shaman Flavio Santi, Filipino healers, Native American spiritual teachers, and numerous others. The teahouse also hosted AA and other 12 step meetings which attracted more than 40 weekly attendees. The teahouse was also a destination for many needing an alternative to drug and alcohol abuse and bar culture.

In addition to the teahouse, Om Shan Tea also ran a mobile tea service, setting up tea temples at many conferences, festivals, parties, nightclubs, weddings and other cultural events. List of clients.

Oshan founded his company because he is very passionate about promoting tea culture as a remedy for many of our societal ills. He believes that tea culture is a powerful tool for cultivating authentic community, health, awareness, presence, communion and connection.

In addition to his tea company, Oshan also ran The Tea Circus, a performance arts troupe of dancers, magicians and circus artists that present tea-related acts to educate and inspire people about tea culture. Oshan regularly taught a 2 hour workshop called “Teapocalypse: Saving the World with Tea Ceremony.” Oshan has taught tea ceremony classes to many students including elementary school, high school, undergraduate and postgraduate classes.

Through his teahouse, mobile tea setups, tea workshops and non-profit activities, Oshan has introduced thousands of people to the magic and beauty of tea culture.

Oshan believes in living a life of service and has dedicated his life to benefit all sentient beings. He wants nothing more than to bring strength and vitality to human culture, to promote healing and community and for human beings to live in peace and in harmony with the earth.

Oshan has spent most of his life involved with community building, healing, volunteering for non-profits and social activism. Oshan has volunteered for many diverse projects including public transportation, community gardens, environmental justice and Native American sovereignty. Ironically, 14 years ago, Oshan was a founding member of the Prison Action Committee and Books To Prisoners in Olympia, WA. The Prison Action Committee educated people about the U.S. incarceration rate and prison industry while Books to Prisoners mailed books to indigent prisoners.

Oshan’s Legal Case

Oshan Cook was arrested April 22nd, 2010 by the DEA for allegedly distributing psychedelics (wholesale quantities of LSD & MDMA). Oshan pled not-guilty. Oshan had a Jury Trial the week of July 23rd, 2012 with Judge Jeffrey S. White (SF Federal District). Oshan’s first trial concluded with a hung jury with at least 3 jurors for not guilty, which resulted in a mistrial. The Prosecutors AUSA Chinhayi Cadet and AUSA Pete Axelrod decided to retry the case and Oshan was found guilty. Oshan was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison on April 26th. Oshan appealed, but the first stage of the appeal was denied in September 2015.

Oshan’s Book and Movie Reviews

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