Postal Mail

Oshan's mailing address is:

Oshan Cook 14619-111
Unit A4C
PO BOX 7001
Taft, CA 93268

All incoming general correspondences will be opened and inspected and may be read by the mail room officer.


You can ONLY send letters, photos, paper only art, postcards and books (see below). You CANNOT send Polaroids, glitter, glue nor tape in papers/letters, personal items, cash, stamps, stationary, food or tea.

Please do not write about anything illegal, about escaping or include anything pornographic.


Occasionally, books that Oshan wants will be listed on this Wishlist where you can purchase them.

(There is another Amazon wishlist for “Oshane Cooke,” which should not be confused with Oshan Cook's wishlist.)

Please do not mail in any books unless Oshan has requested them as he has a lot of books and limited locker space.

Individuals can also mail in their own(paperback) books and magazines from home. A maximum of *5* paperback books or magazines per paper-wrapped package (not in a box). Hardback books cannot be mailed from individuals' homes, only through Amazon.